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New Benchmark for Talent Development

Talent, the most important asset of a company, especially in this era where we regard talents as one of the essential components in generating compound interest for a company. Human capital development is one of the topics that a company should not neglect. To meet the new benchmark of future talent development, talents should be cultivated through innovative talent development modules utilizing diversified learning resources.

TalentNXT Digital Learning Platform

Committing to advocate lifelong learning and cultivate quality talent, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation has dedicated in developing talents to meet the societal needs for over a decade. With the development of mega trends and commence of the VUCA era, the foundation connects and leverages global top-notch learning resources whilst strengthening collaboration with corporates to enhance competitiveness.


A set of comprehensive talent development modules is provided on TalentNXT digital learning platform to facilitate talent development that excel in problem solving and show high performance, boost potentials, and enhance corporate competitiveness and resilience, which could be transformed into outstanding performance.

The six talent indicators of "FIT+HUG" is based on results derived from academic research and study of talent values over the years. We believe lifelong learning is the key to connect the world. In accordance with that, the platform provides a series of tailored talent development modules, with the aspiration to co-creation of values with corporates through career competency development and competitiveness enhancement.

Suit man & woman
  • Attribute 特質
  • F Friendly by nature 真誠友善的本質
  • I Innovative with diversiaty 多元創新的思維
  • T Technology-aware 科技運用的認知
  • Capabilities 能力
  • G Global view with local act 全球視野在地實踐
  • U Uniting multiple domains 跨領域整合
  • H Human-centric approach 以人為本作為

Success Profiles

Through firm collaboration with the consultancy team, we defined the future talent acquisition benchmark. We focus on managers and high potentials, customize learning plans to facilitate talent development in key functions. We provide a slew of diversified online learning resources, including a global selection of micro-learning videos of over 400 subjects, e-learning sessions, and virtual classes. We also work with renowned consulting firms to provide advanced offline courses.

  • Manager
    • Performance Management
    • Talent Development
    • Individual Motivation
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Transformation
    • Macro-Leadership
  • High Potential
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Innovative Thinking
    • Communication
    • Sincerity and Kindness
    • Accountability
    • Digital Literacy
    • Customer Orientation
    • Collaboration
    • Agile Management
    • Business Insight and Perception

Expert Viewpoints

Leading Company

To recruit more elite employees in Wistron ITS, we have been arranging different training courses that best suit for different groups of talents to provide a continuous learning and growth environment. Our diversified and international online courses accommodate to different talent needs and development goals, provide online learning courses without any time and geographic limitation. A customised study report will be provided on the platform to track learning performance and progress.

“We really appreciate the quality of training provided by the company. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn.” This is a feedback from one of the learners on TalentNXT platform. 50 employees took part in the training session, where they were able to form study groups and shared learning key-points and insights within the learning community The active engagement of the employees embodies one of the four core values of the company - “growth”. These trainings and learning sessions help companies in building a learning organization, where employees practice lifelong learning and company persists high performance.

There are two different courses curriculum that are specifically target at the managers and high potentials. The learning progress is also easily tracked with the package. Coaching leadership style that was mentioned in the course act as a reminder for supervisors and people managers on some of the techniques and tips managing. Managers who couldn’t participate in the offline courses can easily access the online training courses to learn at their own pace, which amplifies the learning group internally.

The customized platform can incorporate all on-boarding training courses for new employees. With designated learning pages and courses, the performance and progress can be easily tracked. Besides on-boarding training, the company core-value courses are also listed on the platform for every employee to access and learn. An online evaluation will be provided on the platform as well to present the learning performance. The core-value is deeply comprehended by our online platform.