Custom Services

Collaboration Solutions

Different organizations have different talent cultivation processes. In addition to providing a professional membership version that can be quickly imported, the platform can also plan an advanced customized version according to the needs of each organization to create an exclusive learning experience.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Access to all learning resources
  • Learning progress tracking
  • Internal learning resources upload
  • Keep track of learning effectiveness
  • Customised offline learning course
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Offline Classroom

The talent development module corresponds with offline classroom, where the course content can relate to the virtual classroom. Through highly interactive engagement, it's easy to review the actual course effect. Coach facilitation and peer feedback can also help to deepen learning to address real-life problems.

  • Win-win Communicatio Module

    Negotiate with yourself before communicating with others! Win-win communication module helps you to negotiate smoothly every-time.

  • Design Thinking Case Studu

    The most popular design thinking course from of Stanford University! To guide your thinking path to be more people-oriented, to dig deep in how to design and how to think.

  • Theory U

    Given changes and unprecedented challenges, how to find out blind points, improve ourselves, and motivate the team?

  • Does Performance Feedback Really Work?

    The worst outcome of performance feedback is to draw the attention to self-centered. How to avoid this outcome and pull the focus back to the goal achievement and learning growth is the key.

  • A Learning Leader Makes a Learnin Team

    A better result will be achieved definitely if you decide to change with the team. Why not initiate a team discussion, start the conversation and motivate to change?

  • Shake-off Fixed Mindset and Embrace Growth

    Comparing with fixed mindset, a growth mindset supports the idea of sustainable growth, which leads to success.