Success Stories

85 companies/organizations have joined our learning platform since platform went live and more than 1314 learners have been successfully trained. Through these real customers case studies, we hope to help locate the solutions that fit your organization best.

A Global Tech Enterprise

We connect the learning development program with the year-end performance review, create learning communities based on their business function, facilitate themed sharing and discussion, to achieve knowledge accumulation

A Listed Semiconductor Company

We initiate the platform account targeting the high-potentials with strong learning intention, so they can be identified and trained to be the future managers. Through online functional competency evaluation and development plan, a manager-talent matching group is created to narrow key functional skills gap and enhance team leadership.

A Financial Service Institution

Due to the compliance requirements, new employees must complete certain trainings within a month since onboarding. Besides uploading the required training to our platform, we provide a more comprehensive on-boarding training experience together with our existing learning modules and new employee evaluation process.

Community Discussion

With the development of mega trends and the commence of VUCA era, delivering curriculum is not the only way of passing on knowledge. Community learning emerges as an effective method. There are 5 learning communities on our platform where recognition and respect can be earned from experience sharing and mutual learning.

Functional Competency Development

Year-end is always a good time to review the annual performance. Performance review will include MBO and functional competency assessment, in other words, what the employees have achieved and how they achieved them.

The platform consolidates functional competency evaluation survey, which the employees can complete online. The survey will automatically match their functional skills gap with a set of development plan, that both the employee and the manager can track the learning status from time to time and give feedback.

Function Evaluation

  • Trainees conduct functional evaluation through the evaluation of existing potential talents or supervisors on the platform
  • After being tested, the platform immediately produced an evaluation report, showing function gaps

Development Plan

  • The platform will dynamically recommend suitable development plans according to the functional gaps
  • Students can adjust according to their needs and activate the corresponding learning module

Learning Module

  • After starting the study, you can update the course at any time in the system, and note self-reflection
  • Trainees can invite supervisors in the system to feedback and keep improving